A digital hub that engage the next generation of user.

Telkomsel is Indonesia leading telecommunication company. However, given the size doesn’t mean it’s shielded from digital disruption.

With the site filled with dry content and is hard for the user to navigate through, it wasn’t built with our user in mind. The research also tells us you are more likely to find an Indonesian owning a smartphone than a laptop. Our task is to redefine the digital hub into an engaging mobile-first experience that is enriched with storytelling content.

A team of 10 members was tasked to deliver the huge site that comprises of 200plus pages. To handle these challenges, we developed a systematic design framework which allowed for the designers and writers to collaborate seamlessly, as well as a design language that governs the quality and consistency of the design.

Agency: SapientRazorfish
Role: Visual Lead

Modular approach

When a project timeline is tight, you would want to work in an efficiently where members can collaborate smoothly. To solve this, we created a modular design language to categorise each module into section such as the card, hero banner, etc. With this atomic approach, the team works with a unified language to minimise the number of design variants created.